At Lockport, our team of Chiropractic Assistants are thrilled to help you reach all your goals! We truly believe that everyone deserves to strive for better health and a better life and we provide you with the tools and support to help you get there. We love to work with people and we make it our mission that you always leave LC in a better state than when you came in. Our LC Family is not only hard-working, but such loving people that you’ll feel like a part of the family before you know it!! Check out our bios to get to know us all more!


Location: Lockport

Makayla joined the LC Dream Team in July of 2020! She graduated with her Associate in Science from Joliet Junior College in May of 2022, and she is currently a junior at Lewis University with a dual degree in Biology and Chiropractic!

Makayla hopes to become a chiropractor herself someday to show others just how important it is to live a chiropractic lifestyle 24/7!! She became passionate for chiropractic after realizing that her neck was completely backwards when she first began working at LC causing her a lot of health issues at only 21 years old. With lots of determination, she was able to fix her neck here at LC, and she was inspired to help others of all ages realize that there is hope for them to fix their own spines too. Makayla’s dream is become Dr. Garner’s retirement plan!



Location: Lockport

Katie joined the LC Dream Team in February of 2021 hoping to learn more about how to help others. She graduated from the University of Illinois – Champaign Urbana in 2015 with a Communications and Media degree.

After graduation she decided to move to Australia as an au pair where she helped care for a family with 2 beautiful daughters for 3 years. After she left Australia, she traveled to many countries where she learned all about different cultures & different lifestyles. This sparked her passion for meeting new people and giving back and loving others. Katie enjoys helping everyone in the community live a chiropractic lifestyle and reach their full potential! She also hopes one day to be able to reach others at a larger scale while she travels the world, helping to make it a better place!


Location: Lockport

Paloma, also known as Pal, joined the LC Dream Team in March of 2021.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Athletic Coaching.

Prior to joining LC, Pal worked as a paraprofessional in an elementary school assisting children with varying abilities. Although she LOVED the kids, she made the decision to find a career where she could follow her passion of working with the musculoskeletal system to help people become more physically active and healthy!

Pal shows her enthusiasm and love for the patients everyday with her incredible energy and her amazing light that she shares with others. Her free time is spent with her friends, family, and her precious son Brady!



Location: Lockport

Larry joined the LC Dream Team in August 2021. Larry went to the University of Dubuque and earned a degree in health wellness and exercise. Larry was also an athlete playing football for most of his life.

Larry joined the LC team because he has a passion for helping others and encouraging an active lifestyle.

He knows that everyone deserves to do what they love like he is doing here at LC. Larry wants to provide the best care always having an open ear to help every individual strive for not only a better life but a healthy lifestyle!

In his free time, Larry likes to play videogames, workout, and spend time with his friends!



Location: Lockport

Faith joined the LC Dream Team in March of 2022! She recently graduated from Plainfield South High School and is continuing her education at Joliet Junior College pursuing general education. Faith wanted to work in the chiropractic field because of her best friend who showed her everything chiropractic had to offer for bother herself and her community.

Faith has a huge heart, strong mindset, and so much passion! Her goal here at LC is to help patients reach their unique goals in any way possible. In her free time, Faith enjoys exercising and hanging out with friends! She has a passion for fitness and also wants to start her own side business for lashes.

In the future, Faith is looking into going to school to become a Chiropractor and continue to help others!



Location: Lockport

Barb joined the LC Dream Team in October of 2020 as our Massage Therapist! She has been a patient with LC since 2015 and is of course the Aunt to our very own Dr. Johnson. She has a thriving interest in helping people reach their health and healing goals.

Using a holistic approach and attentive touch, she fully attends to each client’s needs with her practiced skills and empathetic soul. Whether you are working on sore muscles, a new or long-term injury, or receiving prenatal treatment she is able to meet you where you are on your journey. Barb has previous experience at Massage Envy from 2019-2020, and is has taken classes in medical massage. She gives her all to every patient and believes fully in the benefits of chiropractic care paired with massage therapy!


Location: Lockport

Dr. Jordan Darrough joined the LC Dream Team in August of 2023! She graduated from Iowa State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and a General Business Minor. Dr. Jordan then pursued her chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL and graduated in April 2023. Dr. Jordan has a passion for chiropractic and helping others achieve the lives they deserve. She was a gymnast and chear leader for 10 years and continues to love watching sports like football, baseball, hockey and college basketball with her family.
Dr. Jordan began seeing a chiropractor at 16 years old and chose to enter chiropractic school when she was a senior at Iowa State University. She hopes to help her community by providing the best care she can give and hopes that the healing power of chiropractic will allow her to further help people to exceed their unique life goals.
In her free time, Dr. Jordan loves hanging out with her German Shepard named Declan as well as her guinea pig Oreo! When she’s not with her pets, Dr. Jordan cherishes quality hangout time with her family.



Location: Lockport

Dan joined the LC Dream Team in August of 2023! He recently graduated from Lockport Township High School, and will be continuing his schooling at Joliet Junior College pursuing an Associate’s degree in Applied Science where he will be studying computers!

Dan has a true passion for helping others. After seeing his mom struggle with cancer and feeling helpless for her, Dan decided he wanted to use his skills as best as he could to help others stay healthy and be able to prevent diseases like his mom’s. At LC Chiropractic, Dan will strive to show people how to be the healthiest versions of themselves by teaching them unique ways to stay active and push their bodies to new levels.

In his free time, Dan loves to binge watch action and comedy movies and hit the gym! Dan also has a best friend at home, a beautiful beagle named Roxy who he spends lots of his time with.



Location: Lockport

Angelina (aka Lina!) joined the LC Dream Team in July of 2023! Lina graduated from Glenbard East high school in 2019 and plans to attend Rush University in the near future to get her Bachelor’s degree in Imaging in order to become an MRI tech someday!

Lina took care of her dad starting at a very young age after he suffered a massive heart attack. This is what truly inspired Lina’s passion for the medical field in order to continue to be able to help others as she does for her dad. Lina was also able to first hand experience what it was like to get an MRI, so she feels confident that this is the path for her!

In Lina’s free time, she loves to hang out with her greyhound lab mix named Luna who she loves dearly! Lina also loves reading, and whenever she is not at the library with her head in the books, she is usually drawing or painting because she is working towards putting her in the galleries!