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Throughout the past few years, we have seen many different faces walk into our doors and with each person comes a story. Each patient that we see has a story that explains what has brought them to this point and what has been done to change not only their specific issues, but something more important…their lives! Here are a handful of patient’s stories about their time at Lockport Chiropractic and the strides they took toward a life full of youth and vitality.

We value our patients' experience at Lockport Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Timothy Radcliffe

LC Patient Success Stories

  • "Ms. Edna started coming to Lockport Chiropractic February of 2006. She had been experiencing severe pain in her right gluteal, so severe that it was hard for her to walk and take care of herself. She used to need an aid to drive her around. The pain was so intense that she needed to use a walker. After fixing the gluteal pain and getting her walking again, she is now focused on building her strength and improving her balance. She hasn’t had to use the walker for the past 8 years! Ms. Edna has participated in THREE 5k walks and finished 2 of them! She continues to carpool her friends out to luncheons, and is doing more than she ever imagined she could do! Ms. Edna is also working on correcting her posture by adjustment and doing her posture exercises every visit. At the age of 82, Ms. Edna is an inspiration to all, she comes in no matter what the weather is like! If you see Ms. Edna you will know it’s her because she always has a BIG smile on her face!"
    Ms. Edna K.
  • "When Kristi first came in she was experiencing extreme sciatic pain from her low back down to both her legs. She was unable to sit comfortably for any longer than 40 minutes. Having to drive an hour to work both ways, this was a problem she desperately wanted to fix. Living with such severe back pain, she had low energy and did barely any physical activity. Kristi originally went to her primary doctor and two other doctors. One doctor gave her epidural cortisone shots to help give some relief. Even after Kristi had the shots, the pain seemed to always reoccur. Her primary doctor also prescribed her muscle relaxants and ibuprofen that she was taking every 4 hours. Kristi wanted to get away from the shots and stop taking all that medication. Kristi has made huge changes in her life starting with exercise. She has signed up for fitness wars this year and has been doing fantastic. Her energy levels have gone up immensely, she even exercises three –four times a week!"
    Kristi P.
  • "Michelle was referred by another chiropractor she was seeing to be closer to her house. Michelle had been suffering with Type I diabetes for 42 years, which led to many other health issues like severe carpal tunnel in both hands, neuropathy in the left leg and stomach issues. Over the years of being diabetic, Michelle’s health concerns continued to progressively get worse. Michelle sought help from a neurologist and an endocrinologist who prescribed her different medications to help maintain her symptoms. Even after seeing them, she thought she was always going to live with this pain. The severe pain Michelle was suffering made it unable for her to work, and she had to go on disability in 2002. Beginning treatment at LC was a life changing experience for Michelle. She says of her experience: "Now I feel that I can bounce back from my health issues, I no longer feel negative.”"
    Michelle M.
  • "Anna, Evan, and Richard have been coming to Lockport Chiropractic since March of 2017. Evan, who is 3, has been dealing with constipation issues for almost a year, while Anna was having fertility issues for 7 years! For Anna, she had been on many different drugs including oral and injectables on and off for 2 years. Also Anna saw a chiropractor 3 years ago for acupuncture, but nothing was helping. After seeing the Lockport Chiropractic team in only ONE month, Anna understood the importance of taking control of their health. Evan’s constipation has reduced down, Anna got her husband Richard checked for overall wellness, and as of April 2017, Anna is pregnant with her second child! “The entire staff is very nice and helpful. You feel like your part of a big family when you walk in the door!”"
    Anna, Rich, Evan Z.
  • "Angelo and his mother Kerry came to Lockport Chiropractic in November of 2016. But this visit wasn’t for back, neck pain, or stiffness. This visit was to see if we can help Angelo in other aspects. Angelo is 8 years old and has some learning disabilities, balance issues, motor control issues, & concentration skills. At school, he receives assistance in speech, OT, and was questioned as possible ADD. The hardest part for teachers is the consistence patience, understanding, and different concepts to help Angelo understand simple skills such as math, reading, speech, etc. His mother believed there has to be an alternate treatment for Angelo instead of giving him medication at such a young age. His confidence began to grow! His posture improved dramatically, his motor control has improved to the point where he doesn’t slap his feet as he walks & can easily go up and down stairs, and his concentration skills at school have improved."
    Angelo C.


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