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Meet the Doctor: Dr. Ausra Radcliffe, ND, CNHP, DHP

Dr. Ausra specializes in helping clients to make diet and lifestyle changes to improve health and vitality, reduce toxic overload, and increase energy. She emphasizes on creating a lifestyle which includes teaching natural ways to enhance good health, optimal wellness and encourage longevity. She specializes in digestion conditions, (gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, inflammatory bowel), food sensitivities, allergies, candida (yeast), hormone imbalance, hypertension, diabetes, and fatigue. She graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from Trinity School of Natural Health. Trinity School of Natural Health is non-profit educational institution that offers programs in Natural Health. She also holds a Digestive Health Professional certificate from Food Enzyme Institute. Dr. Ausra also studied and got certified by Dr. Chestnut, who is the developer, lead instructor, and author of the four textbooks for the ICA Wellness Lifestyle Certification Program. This is the first accredited post-graduate wellness lifestyle certification program in history. She also holds a certificate as a Natural Health Professional

Initial Individual Consultation

During the initial one-hour consultation, Dr. Ausra will collect relevant nutrition, behavior, and health information from you.

Initial one-on-one session can include the following:

  1. Initial assessment based on a 3-7 day food journal, medical and nutrition history, any relevant lab work and test results.
  2. Individualized nutrition guidelines for your health concerns and nutrition goals.
  3. Development of a personalized nutrition map and plan.
  4. Nutrient supplementation and vitamin recommendations.
  5. RBTI Evaluation
  6. Bach Flower match

Follow-up Consultation

During a half hour follow –up session, Dr. Ausra will review your eating and behavior patterns since your last visit. The two of you will discuss what went well and where you may have struggled. Strategies, along with more extensive nutritional education will be provided to continuously improve your health goals.

Follow-up consultations can include the following:

  1. Review of your nutrition action plan.
  2. Further development of your nutrition action plan.
  3. Skill building strategies for nutrition and exercise goals, and related behaviors strategies.
  4. Review of your food journals.
  5. Answer your questions.
  6. Additional services available
  7. Blood tests chemistry analysis
  8. Micronutrients
  9. Stool Analysis/Parasitology
  10. Genetic Testing
  11. Food Sensitivities
  12. Hair Mineral analysis

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