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Fitness Wars

What is Fitness Wars?

Fitness Wars is an 8 week health and fitness challenge that promotes weight loss and strength gain through physical activity and education with the opportunity to win prizes. Each participant will choose to compete in (1)Strength Gain or (2)Weight Loss.

Last Day to Register: Wednesday, February 17th at 1:00pm
Pre Testing: Monday, February 12th - Saturday, February 17th
Fitness Wars: Monday, February 19th - Saturday, April 14th
Post Testing: Monday, April 16th - Wednesday, April 18th from 10:00am-7:00pm
Awards Ceremony: Thursday, April 19th from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Each participant will receive:

  1. InBody Compassion Scale & Lean Screen Scan
  2. Access to over 50 fitness classes (Boot Camps, Circuit Training, HIIT Training, Body Pump, Yoga, Challenge Saturdays, & Team Building Challenges.)
  3. Facebook Accountability Group
  4. 24 hour Access to coach
  5. 2 Fitness Field Trips
  6. YouTube / Facebook Live How to Videos
  7. Schedule of Events and Classes
  8. Custom 8 Week Nutrition Plan
  9. Custom 8 Week Fitness Plan
  10. Home Care Program
  11. LC Fitness Gym Access
  12. FREE one-on-one Personal Training Consultation / LC Weight Management Consultation / Natruopathic Consultation

How it works:

Each participant will choose to compete in strength gain or weight loss. Once everyone is accounted for, you will be divided up into 3 teams with 3 different coaches: Erik Rickert, Doug Biggs, and Megan Vargo. They will be your coaches for the entire 8 weeks of training. On pre-testing days, you will be scanned and weighed in, complete 2 basic fitness tests, and receive your costum Fitness Wars Packet with everything you will need!

After 8 weeks, you will be re-scanned, final weigh-in, and complete the same fitness tests. Based upon your improvements, you will receive points toward winning your respected categories. 4 Categories for Fitness Wars: (1) Women's Strength, (2) Women's Weight Loss, (3) Men's Strength, (4) Men's Weight Loss. Strength winners will be based on increase of Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM) and weight loss winners will be based on decrease of Percentage of Body Fat (PBF).

3 Teams will also compete against each other. For every fitness class you go to, you will receive points toward your team total. Team with the most points after 8 weeks will win.


Single Package / Solo Package - $139.00
Buddy Package - $189.00
Trio Package - $239.00
Quad Package - $289.00

Any questions or concerns, please call and ask for Erik.

Fitness Wars


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